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Independent Bookstore Day

May 2, 2015

Independent Bookstore Day is an opportunity  for Indie Bookstores across the country to drive traffic to their stores and increase sales by offering exclusive merchandise created specifically for IBD, sold only on IBD.
Last year's successful California Bookstore Day was created with the hope that the event would go nationwide.  
Join the 400+ stores across the country that are planning to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day on May 2, 2015.  You don't have to order the exclusive items to participate. (those stores that did order will be on the IBD map, but ALL participating stores will be included in the marketing done by GLIBA.  All you have to do is :

1) Let me know that you are interested in participating (

2) Plan to market the event.  
Social media is key here, but local marketing is important as well. Because it is a national campaign, there will be plenty of coverage you can re-purpose for your store.  Here are the logos for your use.


We will be sending out press releases that you can use to send to your local media. Talk it up as best you can!
Tip: Be sure to follow Bookstore Day on Facebook and Twitter. Social  media is the most effective way to communicate with IBD staff and  other bookstore to borrow their marketing content that you can adapt for your store.

Twitter: @bookstoreday

3) Throw a big party on May 2nd.

It is not enough to put the items on your shelf, send a few Tweets, and hope customers come. CBD stores found that it is also crucial to create a schedule of events in your store throughout the day. You could offer free doughnuts (or mimosas or cookies, etc) for the first 15 customers every hour.  You could partner with a local brewery (or an ice cream shop or a bakery to do a tasting.  You could set up an "Advice Booth 5 cents"(a la Lucy from Charlie Brown), and get a funny author or local person to man it.  Someone had Neil Gaiman man a booth to answer questions about relation ships.You could have a literary trivia quiz.  I will be writing questions for this, and I'll be glad to share with any store that is interested.  Don't forget to decorate with balloons and streamers, with maybe a cake or cupcakes. Here is a link to a list of great ideas, but feel free to come up with something special for your stores.

The point is to celebrate what we do for our communities, and remind them about what a great time that can be had in independent bookstores.  Don't forget to take lots of pictures, and share them on your websites, Facebook pages, and with me so we can post them on the GLIBA website.


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